Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been here that long and I have no idea if what I have done will affect how many people read, follow and comment on my blog but as of this evening, my blog is now self-hosted. I can’t tell you what that entirely means but you can find me on: now! You can still like, comment and share posts.

To my knowledge, you should still see my posts in the Reader but just to be on the safeside, either follow me on twitter or subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side) so I don’t lose you amazing people!

I will still be here – reading and commenting and following blogs and tweeps as I learn so I hope you come along for the journey!

Life Planning 101

I’ve ordered an Indian, I’ve snacked on some junk and I’ve got some “reality” TV on in the background (Married At First Sight)… let the blogging commence.


You might have realised I was in some shock yesterday and pretty pissed over the whole Brexit result. I’m over it now. The only way forward is to plan and plan some more so that’s what I’ve been doing!

To plan for the next 5 or 10 or however many years isn’t easy! I don’t know why I thought it would be but I guess we don’t consider all the aspects that make a life and have to be considered when planning. My plan had to include things like:

  • Learning Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Lifestyle Goals
  • Spirituality Goals
  • Health Goals
  • Relocation Goals
  • Family Goals
  • Recreation Goals
  • Other Goals

That’s a lot of goals right? But it’s so necessary when planning seriously, otherwise it can go completely left. So I whipped up a cuppa, put down the mag and threw on my headphones for musical inspiration.

My initial struggles started at Learning & Career goals so you can tell this planning was going to take some time and be a problem Continue reading

Forget The Queen, God Save us All

Today I am sad and scared. I plan to avoid social media for the day because of ignorance and a lack of knowledge.

Britain has voted to leave the EU. So frustrating seeing people talking about now “preparing for the future and independently uniting” like this hasn’t just created one of the biggest divides of all time. How do we unite now knowing over 50% of the population agree with someone like Nigel Farage and think someone like Boris Johnson who wasn’t elected should be prime minister?! People who want a white Britain. People who want others to “go back to their country and stop stealing our jobs and houses”.

I don’t even think most people who voted to leave know what they have voted for aside from this whole massive “immigration” crisis that was sold to them, while issues like the NHS, tax, poverty, holidays and HUMAN RIGHTS were brushed over. Continue reading

Please Don’t Touch Me There!

I’ve had times where I’ve been single to mingle and mingle is all I wanted to do and somehow this has led to extremely stupid encounters and one dodgy sort-of relationship. Out of all of it, there have been some pretty good lessons learnt too.

I went through a phase that included a hell of a lot of alcohol and a “Fuck Men and their feelings, I’m gonna get mine” attitude. And in hindsight, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences because of this. I’ve had plenty of non-committed alcohol induced sexual experiences and I’m not ashamed of that. Mr.Me knows my number and some of the people it shouldn’t include and if he’s cool then fuck anyone elses opinion.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or horrible but honestly – I’m sure guys have had similar bad experiences and these are just 5 of my worst and most memorably weird and “never again” moments.

  1. To start the list is PJ who came to mind after reading a blog post last night. PJ was of short stature and not my usual dark skinned type. I can’t even remember how we met but I’m going to presume it was somewhere online. I quickly learnt the most important things about PJ: he was extremely sensitive to ANY touch which made him obviously quick when it came to doing the deed (this happened once on the last time I saw him), small as in hard to even rub off and clearly oblivious to any of this as he asked to go again a few months later after asking “if it was good?”.

    Continue reading

It’s Okay… Shit Happens

Today is a day for stretching and I don’t mean physically. I’m talking emotional, stress related stretching. The kind of stretching you don’t even realise you’re doing until you’re stretched as far as an elastic band could possibly go and are on the verge of snapping – painfully. Today, I am that elastic band.dfgytf-elastic_2722497bI sit here and write this, looking at the mess which is my “living” room and it definitely looks lived in. Too lived in but whatever – we need a bigger house. I chose to eat toffee popcorn instead of tidy because I basically can’t be fucked with today anymore. On the plus side, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are tidy and clean.

I can hear the over-loud, bad mannered kids outside who in my opinion should be in their houses, unwinding, eating dinner and getting ready for bed – what time do kids sleep these days?


We haven’t had sex for just over 4 weeks now. Continue reading

Surviving Narcissism; Betrayal and Insecurity

About 7 months ago, I had a secret plan. The plan was pretty much to stay with Mr.Me until my contract at work finished this year and then to throw him out when he was surplus to requirements. At one point, I wasn’t sure if I loved him or hated him or hated him because I loved him.


Among women who know they are pregnant, 1 in 6 pregnancies ends in miscarriage in the UK. In 2013, I was one of those 1 in 6 statistics.


We all have our ways of dealing with things. I cried a lot.

Mr.Me began talking to other females (to my knowledge). It could have been going on from before but this is when I found out. And I was gutted because I had never suspected it. And it wasn’t one or two. It was many. An ex, a whore, a colleague – it seemed like anyone who showed any interest he flirted with.

When I confronted him, he did what many guys did – he flipped it onto me. Continue reading

Window Shopper

I have what I would call a Champagne/Fillet Mignon taste when it comes to shopping on what can only be considered a corner shop bottle of plonk/fillet-o-fish budget. I love going online, knowing there is 0 funds in my bank account and my credit card has maxed out, and placing things in my basket. We might as well call it an imaginary basket because I will never be able to buy any all of those things (for now).


My Amazon basket currently holds 106 items not including 25 on a wish list which are “saved for later”. And the number will grow as I find more things I want.

Dressipi on also has a similar number on the wish list. I love dressipi suggestions and once had about £800 worth of clothes in my actual basket… which I was never going to be able to afford.


Online window shopping makes me happy until I can’t checkout. Continue reading