I would like to think we have all been there: that week or so every month when sex isn’t an option (for the more vanilla of us) is the one week you’ve ever wanted sex so bad in your entire life. Every month.

And you’re not shy to let your Mr.Me know this multiple times a day. In various ways. Texts. Phone calls. The sly grab of the ass. The extremely frustrated sigh at bed time. Whatever it is you do to let them know, you do it more times than you ever could in the 3 weeks you could have sex. I also learnt that masturbation can have an awesome result in about 60 seconds when you know what your clitoris likes.
Everyone knows it’s hormones. They know. And they patiently wait for the green light to land, highly anticipating fireworks and passion like never before.

Then the time comes.

Green for go. And all of that excitement and need and lust seems to disappear on a mid-cycle mood that isn’t really a mood but it’s not screaming “jump on me” either. He expects you to be waiting in bed looking like something from Ann Summers/Victoria’s Secret/Agent Provocateur and instead finds something along the lines of…
In my defense, the last 3 weeks have been far from a walk in the park for various reasons but mainly my own health as well as a family emergency. We are both exhausted mentally, just starting to eat properly again but still not sleeping properly. The stress has been immense.

I know that sex can be a stress reliever, bring us closer, make us stronger at a time of disharmony etc. Plus someone once said to me God wants us to have lots of sex, we should never refuse.

So is there ever ANY acceptable reason to say no if it isn’t that time of the month and you’re not in hospital? Does the fact my back, brain and feet ache count for nothing? Or should I start out of duty, knowing I will enjoy the end result?

What do you think? What do you do? Let me know for future consideration!


14 thoughts on “Guilt Sex

  1. As I’ve gotten older and experienced a lot of things I wish that I hadn’t I realize that yes there are acceptable reasons to not have sex. And I’m a very naughty guy. But life happens. Things get in the way of the norm and sexual stuff falls by. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t lose your sexy feeling.


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