Forget The Queen, God Save us All

Today I am sad and scared. I plan to avoid social media for the day because of ignorance and a lack of knowledge.

Britain has voted to leave the EU. So frustrating seeing people talking about now “preparing for the future and independently uniting” like this hasn’t just created one of the biggest divides of all time. How do we unite now knowing over 50% of the population agree with someone like Nigel Farage and think someone like Boris Johnson who wasn’t elected should be prime minister?! People who want a white Britain. People who want others to “go back to their country and stop stealing our jobs and houses”.

I don’t even think most people who voted to leave know what they have voted for aside from this whole massive “immigration” crisis that was sold to them, while issues like the NHS, tax, poverty, holidays and HUMAN RIGHTS were brushed over.
People have naively and ignorantly voted for something they don’t know.

There is a reason for the saying “better the devil you know” and this is it.

Lord knows what is now going to happen to our NHS but will it be free and affordable? I doubt it. Taxes will increase, as will poverty; death from illness and malnutrition.

The pound is no longer worth shit.

The cost of holidays are going to sky rocket including the need for Visa’s.

The change to human rights laws will be implemented.

Migrating out of the country has just become 100x harder.

Do the people who voted to leave realise that all of this will affect them as much as those who voted to remain? As much as those “brown & foreign folk” they want to see gone?

I’ve heard “it will be harder but it will be worth it” from some fools. This talk of some amazing future independence that they’re hoping for without any knowledge of how it’s even possible. How do you vote for a future of uncertainty with no real knowledge of what it even looks like or could possibly be?!

I’m so disappointed, scared, frustrated and just beaten today. That’s all. No pictures. No jokes. Just sadness and fear for a future unknown.

All we need now is Trump as prime minister.

Forget the Queen, God save us all.


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