About Me

If you love Sex In The City; In The Club; or Secret Diary of a Call Girl, you’ve probably found the blog you’ve been waiting to follow since forever!

Scratch that – I’m not a High Class Escort so let’s not get ahead of ourselves but this blog is a secret (Mr Me doesn’t even know), it’s very real and I have no doubt it will be something someone reads and thinks, “Thank God, it’s not just me!”.


It might be good to start at the first ever blog post OR to read the post last written so you can either see how it all started or where it’s at now but everything in between might be worth a read too. No bias or anything, #JustSaying.

How did this slightly anonymous blog begin? Well, I thought about it for a while. I needed an outlet and sometimes, I just can’t offload some of the things in my head to anyone. Things I can’t even share with Mr Me (like this Attention Whore post – not something I can just casually drop into conversation). But for some of the things I want to share, I don’t want to be known for and so I knew it had to be anonymous as much as it could be.
Possible names were “Me, Free”, “Anonymously Me”, “Absolutely Anonymous” and “Secret Life of Me”. I don’t know where Unsigned came from but it stuck in my head so it became Unsigned, Me and I honestly love what it stands for.


So now we come to me. For the sake of being more human, you can call me Emmie (if you get it, you get it). I know I’m supposed to have a picture of me so you guys can put a face to the voice but that is obviously a bit impossible so don’t hate me too much. I could always use a fake picture and it wouldn’t be any better so I’m sticking with my honesty.
I’m from London, England and in my mid-to-late twenties. By now you know I have Mr.Me who is my other half and you also know I’m a female. You know how this blog fits into my life and how it could possibly relate to yours.
I love food and have the world’s worst sweet tooth which I sometimes try to tame. I have expensive taste for someone who rarely has any money to spare but I have big hopes that it won’t always be that way. No pets – more hard-work and cleaning fur that I just don’t need.

That’s about as much as I can give really but I hope it’s enough.

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