Guilt Sex

I would like to think we have all been there: that week or so every month when sex isn’t an option (for the more vanilla of us) is the one week you’ve ever wanted sex so bad in your entire life. Every month.

And you’re not shy to let your Mr.Me know this multiple times a day. In various ways. Texts. Phone calls. The sly grab of the ass. The extremely frustrated sigh at bed time. Whatever it is you do to let them know, you do it more times than you ever could in the 3 weeks you could have sex. I also learnt that masturbation can have an awesome result in about 60 seconds when you know what your clitoris likes.
Everyone knows it’s hormones. They know. And they patiently wait for the green light to land, highly anticipating fireworks and passion like never before.

Then the time comes.
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Survival of the Fittest

Do you ever look at someone and wonder why their life seems so much easier than yours? And you’re always being told you never know their story, or what their life is really like, and somebody is always worse off than you BUT as true as all of that is, it doesn’t change the fact that some people just wouldn’t last a day in your symbolic shoes, let alone however many years you’ve been walking in them for.


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Attention Whore

Some people won’t understand this post. Some people will feel relieved that they’re not alone and some of their guilt will be lifted. I’m not trying to lift your guilt because even I feel guilty.

Adultery of the Mind. Is it a real thing?

I have been in a serious relationship for some time now (many years+), and I am happy. Things in general could be better – finances, work-life balance etc but for now, we are good enough.

There are trust issues on my behalf. Justified but maybe exaggerated also. Things I should be moving past or letting my relationship finish. He trusts me 100% to my knowledge and sometimes I think he is naive. Continue reading


Anonymous: Adjective. Of unknown name; whose name is withheld.

Have you ever had some thing or so many things going on, and you just wanted to get it off your chest but you couldn’t even say some of the things you thought to the person closest to you. You can’t explain why. You just know you can’t. So you don’t and it just builds up until you feel completely overwhelmed? Continue reading