Window Shopper

I have what I would call a Champagne/Fillet Mignon taste when it comes to shopping on what can only be considered a corner shop bottle of plonk/fillet-o-fish budget. I love going online, knowing there is 0 funds in my bank account and my credit card has maxed out, and placing things in my basket. We might as well call it an imaginary basket because I will never be able to buy any all of those things (for now).


My Amazon basket currently holds 106 items not including 25 on a wish list which are “saved for later”. And the number will grow as I find more things I want.

Dressipi on also has a similar number on the wish list. I love dressipi suggestions and once had about £800 worth of clothes in my actual basket… which I was never going to be able to afford.


Online window shopping makes me happy until I can’t checkout. Continue reading